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History of the Low Tide Yacht, Family Tabash Espinoza


The importance of knowing part of the Tabash Espinoza family and the Marea Baja Yacht, beginning with the names of the deceased paternal grandparents, Mr. Salvador Tabash and Mrs. Alice Ignacia Macluf Ibarra, and the maternal grandparents, Mr. Serafín Espinoza and the Mrs. Genova Bonilla. Then we continue with Mr. Jorge Enrique Tabash Macluf born on January 24, 1930 in San José and died on August 23, 2003 (q.d.e.p), and Mrs. Amelia Espinoza Bonilla born on March 13, 1931 in Santa Cruz de Guanacaste.


They had their 8 children starting with the names of the oldest to the youngest, Raschid Tabash Ramírez (qedp), Jeannette Tabash Espinoza (qedp), Mercedes Tabash Espinoza, Roger Tabash Espinoza (qedp), Amelia Tabash Espinoza (qedp), Yalile Tabash Espinoza (qedp), Agnes Tabash Espinoza and Ferys Tabash Espinoza.


Before starting with the Low Tide Yacht, Mr. Jorge Tabash was dedicated to having and providing taxi services in Puntarenas and Mrs. Amelia Espinoza was a housewife.


The idea of making a Tourist Yacht was thought by Mr. Jorge Tabash and his brother-in-law Mr. Gustavo Ulloa, who undertook the project looking for financing, and they achieved it being the founders of Yate Marea Baja, then at the time Mr. Gustavo withdrew from the project and Don Jorge was the absolute owner of the yacht.





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The Yacht Marea Baja was built in the “ball” dock in a place in Puntarenas called la chanchera (the shipbuilder nicknamed it “ball”), the date of its construction began in 1972 and was thrown into the water and inaugurated in the year 1973. There began the trips through the islands of the Gulf of Nicoya as a; Cedars, Margarita, Venado; Chira, Tortuga, Isla Caballo, Bajo Negro, Panama, on Saturdays and Sundays. His first captain named Ulate, and then captain Gregorio Ulate, who was his son. The trips to the destinations of the islands lasted between 2 to 4 hours to arrive and then to return, and offering the services that, in each trip or excursion, were given such as Live Music, Marimba, Bar, Restaurant, Tour, and Upon reaching the destination, the yacht was anchored, and they would go down to the beach for two hours, having lunch on some occasions on the island, and depending on the weather, they would have lunch on the yacht to be able to set sail as soon as possible.


On some occasions in those times when the Ferry el Chuchequero was damaged, the Yacht Marea Baja was hired to make the trips to Playa Naranjo, obviously only with passengers. And a bad experience that was lived was the time when arriving at Tortuga Island and anchoring the yacht to transfer the passengers to the beach, there was bad weather and strong waves, at one point and still carrying all the safety that characterized the yacht and the personnel, a panga with passengers overturned and a girl almost drowned, and thanks to the speed and knowledge of Roger Tabash, he was able to rescue several people.


The tourists who traveled on the tours were nationals and foreigners to visit the islands of the Gulf of Nicoya. The Marea Baja Yacht was the first to provide this service and the largest of that time. The length was 85 feet, and it wasn't very deep so they put Low Tide on it, and she could go in and out at low tide and it didn't affect her at all. The yacht was in the water and in good working order giving the service of tours to the islands, approximately 10 years, and then at one point tourism was in low season, and to put it to produce they sent it to fish and did not return because it was It sank due to bad weather and strong waves, and by a great miracle there were no lives to mourn, they all came back alive, this happened in 1983.


Finally, the capacity of the Yacht Marea Baja was 200 people, it had three floors, on the first floor the machine room, restrooms, change clothes, warehouses, on the second floor the Restaurant and bar the tables and benches, and on the second floor the third floor the dance floor, the music, the cockpit where the captain was, and it can be said that it was the largest in Central America for those times.


This story was told and compiled by Mr. Ferys Tabash, and the interview conducted by Carlos Torres Cordero, friends both from childhood and childhood.

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