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Costa Rica Travel And Surf and Carlos Alberto Torres Cordero respect your privacy. This Privacy Policy explains how Costa Rica Travel And Surf collects, uses and safeguards information on its internet sites including, without limitation, https://www.costaricatravelsurf.com/, websites for mobile versions, micro sites, mobile applications, Costa Rica Travel And Surf profiles on the Costa Rica Travel And Surf and Carlos Alberto Torres Cordero social networks and any other digital services and properties officially operated or used by Costa Rica Travel And Surf and Carlos Alberto Torres Cordero from start to finish.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The products and services of Costa Rica Travel And Surf tend to change, this Privacy Policy is subject to changes as well. We reserve the right to modify this Policy at any given time, for any reason. The date of the last revision of the Privacy Policies will be indicated at the bottom of this page.

Information Collected

1. Personally Identifiable Information: We may collect information that identifies you when you interact and provide such information on our Sites such as, but not limited to, registering for a Costa Rica Travel And Surf event or program, participating in a Costa Rica Travel And Surf contest, purchasing products. or Costa Rica Travel And Surf services. The types of Personally Identifiable Information collected on our Sites will vary based on the services offered on the Sites, but may include, among other things, your name, address, telephone number, date of birth, billing and delivery address, email, information from any credit card or other financial account.

2. Non-Personal Information: As you interact on our Sites, we may collect information that is not Personally Identifiable but that may differ from other aspects of your search history or certain information about you through the use of various technology, including, but not limited to, cookies, internet protocol (IP) internet addresses, as well as other tools. "Cookies" are text codes that originate from your computer when you browse our Sites. Cookies may be set by us or third parties hired by us. "Tags" refer to codes that are primarily used to track visitor activities on our Sites, performed by web analytics programs. The types of non-personal information collected on our Sites, as well as other tools that Costa Rica Travel And Surf may contribute over time, may include: the search terms you used, new or returning users, search information, type computer, operating system, internet provider, use of the website, type of platform, number of clicks, etc. Additionally, third parties may also provide information about you such as industry, workplace, function, level, etc.

How We Use and Share Personally Identifiable Information

Once collected, we may use such information in different ways including:

- Provide communication services such as payment reminders, order confirmation, program registration and customer messaging services

- Answer your emails or requests online

- Surveys delivery and processing

- Personalize and improve the use of the Sites

- Improve services or products of Costa Rica Travel And Surf

- Share with our business partners to offer you products and services that may be of interest to you as detailed below.

- Share with third parties as required by law as detailed below.

- Sharing your email allowed by the Costa Rica Travel And Surf Email Policy as detailed below

- Share your Personally Identifiable Information to Improve Services

- When a service started by you is improved, we may share your Personally Identifiable Information with certain third parties to improve services.

Sharing your Personally Identifiable Information with our Business Partners

Costa Rica Travel And Surf may share Personally Identifiable Information, either email or financial information, with our business partners in order to give them an opportunity to offer products or services that may be of interest to them, which will help to contribute to Costa Rica Travel And Surf. Costa Rica Travel And Surf also occasionally contracts with other companies to offer limited services for our well-being including, packaging, mailing and delivery of promotional offers, contests, solving customer questions about products or services, consulting services, printing, sending certified mail. . At this point we do not share this type of information with business partners but we reserve the right to do so in the future.

Share your Personally Identifiable Information when legally necessary or to protect the Interests of Costa Rica Travel And Surf and Carlos Alberto Torres Cordero

Costa Rica Travel And Surf may have access to your Personally Identifiable Information if required by law or in an act of good faith if it is necessary to: (a) conform to legal requirements or complete legal processes of Costa Rica Travel And Surf; (b) protect and defend the property rights of Costa Rica Travel And Surf; or (c) protect the personal safety of Costa Rica Travel And Surf or its members in some circumstances.

Sharing your e-mail

Your email will only be used by Costa Rica Travel And Surf and its entities. We will not sell or rent email addresses outside of Costa Rica Travel And Surf. Costa Rica Travel And Surf also does not offer addresses to unrelated or affiliated third parties except for the circumstances described below.

How to Handle Sharing of Your Personally Identifiable Information

If you prefer to receive emails only from Costa Rica Travel And Surf and your name and address have been removed from the list given to our business partners, please contact us. Again, at this point we insist that we do not share this information with any business partner, but we reserve the right to do so in the future.

How We May Use and Share Your Non-Personal Data

Through the use of various technological tools, we may collect Non-Personal Data to improve the use of the Sites and for other business purposes. We may share this information with third parties or allow these third parties to have visibility of tools such as cookies, search engines, in order to collect non-personal data when you browse the Sites. Please take into account that you may be subject to the privacy policies of other companies that are not Costa Rica Travel And Surf when you enter one of the advertising links or any other link that takes you to other places NOT operated by Costa Rica Travel And Surf.

How can you handle the collection of non-personal data

You can opt out of advertisements by visiting the Opt Out From Online Behavioral Advertising website. By opting out of all types of advertising you will not see more advertising on our Site, however, you will be able to continue browsing our Sites. You can also block or disable Cookies on your computer.

Data Collection for Website Traffic Analysis

We use Google Analytics for aggregate anonymous website traffic analysis. To track your session usage, Google places a cookie (_ga) with a randomly created customer ID on your browser. This ID is anonymous and does not contain any identifiable information such as email, phone number, name, etc. We also send your IP address to Google. We use Google Analytics to track aggregate website behavior, such as the pages you looked at, for how long, etc. This information is important to us in order to improve the user experience and determine the effectiveness of the Website. If you want to access the browsing information we have, or request that we delete Google Analytics data - please delete your _ga cookies, contact us using this form, or you can also install the Google Analytics browser opt-out plugin.

Privacy Rights in Costa Rica

Residents who provide personal information to obtain products or services for themselves or family members should ask us for a calendar with the annual information on the personal information we share. If applicable, this information should include the categories of such personal information and names with addresses of such persons (requests made in 2021 will receive information about 2020). To obtain this information, please write to us at: info@costaricatravelsurf.com Costa Rica Privacy Law. Please include your full name and address.

Linking to other Internet Sites

It should be noted that other internet sites that are linked to our Sites may contain privacy provisions that differ from these. To ensure your privacy and protection, we recommend that you constantly review the privacy policies of these other linked internet sites, applications, or other digital media.

How you can agree to change your information

If you wish to correct, modify or delete your information, you can make a request to the following e-mail: info@costaricatravelsurf.com

No Warranty

Unfortunately, no data transmission over the internet can be 100% secure. Costa Rica Travel Surf, despite great efforts, does not guarantee the security of any type of information that you transmit to us or to any of our products or services. If you have questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us.

Last Updated on 24 of June / 2021




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