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How to arrive and leave

By Car

Via these routes it is also possible to get to Parrita, Quepos, Esterillos and Jaco.


1) San José-Desamparados-Aserrí-Tarbaca-Jorco-San Ignacio de Acosta-Sabanas-Parrita. Take the south route from San José, get to the roundabout ( y griega) passing by La Paz park, continue straight on towards the center of Desamparados, until you get to  Maxi Mercado, continue straight until you get to Aserrí, Tarbaca, Jorco and San Ignacio de Acosta until you get to Parrita.


2) Parrita-Sabanas-San Ignacio de Acosta-Jorco-Tarbaca-Aserrí-Desamparados-San José. This route is transitable but only in a 4X4, a regular vehicle can be used in the summer; a kilometer before you get to Parrita there is a sign that shows the route to  Acosta, you will first of all go into a palm oil plantation, there are signs on the roads, then continue for a further 3 km on a ascending gravel road for almost an hour until you get to the village of Sabanas, from here the roud hgets more complicated, going down the course of the Río Candelaria, it is on this bridge where it says “steep climb”, when it is raining this complicates the route even for 4x4 vehicles. Before you get to Acosta there are some very steep climbs and loose gravel. You will then get to an asphalt road, shortly before you arrived at San Ignacio, then take the normal route until you get to Jorco, Tarbaca, Aserrí, Desamparados and San José.


3) San José-Sabana Sur-Autopista Prospero Fernández- Brasil de Mora-Ciudad Colon-Puriscal-La Gloria-la Palma-Parrita. From San José, take the route to the east, take the Prospero Fernández highway and continue straight until you get to Ciudad Colon there you will find a gas station where you will have to take a right turn, then at 200 mts, take a left turn and continue straight until you get to Puriscal.


4) Parrita - La Palma - La Gloria - Puriscal - Ciudad Colón – Escazú. A kilometer before you leave the last palm plantation (after Parrita) there is a gravel exit on the right with a sign that says Puriscal, on the right hand side, some 600 mts away you will find the crossing, take a right. It is a road in good condition,  nevertheless during winter there are certain areas that can become difficult to pass if you have low seated vehicles, in general it is not necessary to take a 4X4 on this route. The first important population is La Gloria de Puriscal where you will begin the ascent, which is gravel, surrounded by pools and some areas with great views because of the mountainous area, there are also restaurante, chicharroneras, public telephones, sale of gas and the Red Cross. Some kilometers before Puriscal, there is a new asphalt road, from Puriscal the normal route will take you to Ciudad Colón, and Brasil de Mora, where you can join the highway San José - Caldera and then travel along Próspero Fernández which ends in Sabana Sur. 


2 h 25 min (139.6 km) by Autop. José María Castro Madriz and Carr. Pacifica Fernández Oreamuno/Costanera Sur/Highway 34


San José Terminal Tracopa a Parrita


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Routes and schedules

3 horas5 US$ - 8 US$142 km


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