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To Boca Barranca, the perfect place to make this event, we had to transform it!


The tournament was in October, and guess what? Two weeks before the start of the event, the Management in charge of making events at the Fiesta Hotel had put the RABBIT KEKAI LONGBOARD CLASSIC. I realized this a couple of months before they started -very late since the dates were fixed for the two events. The ¨Rabbit Kekai¨ was at that time the largest LongBoard tournament in the world. There were about 120 participants from all parts of the world. They celebrated Mr. Rabbit Kekai, Hawaiian, who was the most important living legend of surfing. One of the original pupils of the Father of Competitive Surfing – Duke Kahanamoku.

The Rabbit Kekai was at that time the largest Long Boards tournament in the world. There were about 120 participants from all sides. They celebrated this Mr. Rabbit Kekai, Hawaiian, who was the most important living legend of Surfing. One of the original pupils of the Father of Competitive Surfing Duke Kamajamoto.


La Boca de Barranca was full of Long Boards and Kayaks, and all good surfers, and after a couple of days of friction in the water, Hank Raymond, organizer of the Kekai, looked for me to see what we were doing. We sat down to talk and we decided that we would respect each other, giving way to the tables and that we will use the full wave after they finished. Everything worked wonders, taking into consideration what could have happened. The Kekay was over and Barranca was ours. As a point and apart, I want to mention that, from here on, I had a relationship with the Fiesta Hotel and with Hank Raymond, who continued organizing the Kekai and then as 8 WORLD Women's Long Boards.

As we had already organized successfully in the Kayak Surf World Championship and indirectly participated in the Kekai, the Fiesta Hotel signed me up for the next 10 years so that I would be in charge of the tournament, once here in Costa Rica. I spent 2 weeks in the Fiesta, full organization and surfing ... I can feel joy, and say that it surfs alongside the best surfers in the world of Long Boards of that time, and in a Kayak ......


These tournaments were set up in California, Hank Raymond. The official name was, THE TOES ON THE NOES RABBIT KEKAI COSTA RICA LONG BOARD CLASIC. This was held next to the WOMANS WORLDS LONG BOARD CHAMPIONSHIP.


I dare say that, in the history of surfing in our country, we must include them.


It was 12 years of events, which put Costa Rica in the mouths of the best longbord in the world, with all the publicity and propaganda that this brings. They were, also, 11 years dealing with the media and trying to make them understand what all this was that we were doing in our country.


NEVER understood! In addition, Frank Mora (q.e.d.p), at that time president of the Surf Association of Costa Rica, could not understand the note that these people brought and the benefits that could have been used for their visits. We continue with our own without involving the surf of Costa Rica directly.


I always said, when talking to the media ... It's like bringing Pele, and his entourages to play football here. The Rabbit was as famous in surfing as Pele in his sport.

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