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The tournament was structured to end on a Saturday. As there was a lack of waves for a few days, it had to be extended until the following SUNDAY. What happened to me ... That I had been careful all week to close on Saturday. The closing party was that Saturday already scheduled, and for the Sunday of semifinals and finals, it was necessary to go ready ready to leave the sea and go to Edinburgh from there, from the beach. Leave the hotel on Sunday for Edinburgh, sleep in Edinburgh, and on Monday take a plane to London, already with kayak packed and everything ready.


I decided on Saturday to celebrate and enjoy the party having fun. Enjoy with my friends as much as I could and say goodbye to almost everyone there. That's how it was, I went partying, knowing that on Sunday I was going to pay ... I hardly slept, and when I woke up, there was a meeting of competitors to see where the waves were and where we decided to go to compete. Or in Thurso, which was small, but there near the hotel, or that beach 40 minutes away ??? Of course to that beach ... That came with a lot of difficulty ... It was in a paddock, without shade and everything quite improvised. But there were waves.

Pass in the "heat" of semi-finals in the Masters, to reach fourth in the final and in the world in the master, and be fifth in the Open to reach 5 in the world in the open. This was the peak of my career as a competitor. From now on I have taken good places, but never like in Scotland 97. I kept going to the tournament in Santa Cruz, California. In 99, the World Cup was in Barra de Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro, but I did not attend, until 2001, when the World Cup came back to Santa Cruz, California. In Santa Cruz 2001, I went with Aleja Pacheco to compete. Alejo did very well, I think he reached a final. I had an injury on the 3rd day of competition that did not cure me until almost the end, but it was already too late, so I enjoyed the event, the camaraderie, and the party that was very fun. To the Californian.


Something curious happened to me after this tournament. I got tired of surfing. I started experimenting with other types of rowing. I had had, through my involvement in sports, a friendship that was the son of the owners of Pepsi Cola in Panama. Christ Kitras. This person had told me that every year there was a Panamanian "CAYUCOS" race that crossed the Panama Canal. I do not remember how I managed to connect with the organizers of the race. The thing was that I went to visit them and I found out everything that was pertinent and how one signed up and participated. I even brought some sample oars since they had their regulation ...


In 2002, we formed a 4-person team of oars, to cross the Channel ... the first complete "TICOS" team that did it and perhaps the first non-Panamanian Latin American team to do so. They were 3 days of competition, leaving David on the Caribbean side, and arriving at the Bridge of the Americas, in the Pacific. We had to compete in Cayucos made in Panama, with Panamanian wood, and enrolled in the race with certain dimensions. In addition, we had to use REMOS of Panamanian wood and with certain regulations as well.



The Cayuco was included in the registration, and the oars had to be purchased. We went to participate, Rolando Mayorga, the Ambassador, Tato Bustamente, our supplier, and El Coronel, Juan Carlos Campos. Of course our "ride", Sonny ... Panamanian and driver of our limousine and supplier of beers. This is a story of dying of the riza, which I will write later on as it leaves the subject of Kayak surfing. We repeated this visit to Panama in 2003 as well, with the same team, but this time we hit the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the competition.


I continued as usual, going to California. He was still part of the International Kayak Surf Committee, now WSKA, or WORLD SURF KAYAK ASOCIATION. By then I had been nominated to be President of the Association and I had refused for personal things. It was a good time, but I am the only representative of Costa Rica in this sport, there are many other countries, where there is constant competition, and there is communication with everything related to Kayak Surf, so it puts many people besides me , go ahead as if to be the head of this sport. The exhibition can be much larger than mine, because it only belongs to a geographical group where there is a lot of action.

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