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Introduction Of the Tropical countries, Costa Rica is one of the most recommended, not only because of its rainforest and beautiful beaches, but also because of its active volcanoes. Despite the fact that the country is small; it brings together diverse habitats that have the protection of one of the most advanced environmental programs in Latin America. Almost 26% of the land surface of the country has some type of state protection. And more than 12% forms part of the 25 National Parks, the rest is made up of many marinas and private reserves. The variety and abundance of wild fauna attracts those who wish to see monkeys, sloths, caimans, and sea turtles and exotic birds in their natural habitat. It is also possible to see animals such as the jaguar, tapir and the harpy eagle, bathing in the waters of the Pacific and the Caribbean. Costa Rica has an abundance of beaches, some of which have been developed for tourism; there are others which are more remote and less visited. To enjoy a vacation on the seafront, the tourist can choose between a luxury hotel or can also go camping, but wherever you are going to stay it is highly likely that you will take a while to get to any place that is protected. This is where you will find monkeys balancing on branches that line the Ocean. The volcanoes make for one of the most impressive natural spectacles, to observe the craters of these colossal steamers is a true site to behold. In addition to walking and camping in the forests, mountains and beaches, other activities include scuba diving in tropical coral reefs, taking a surfboard to glide along some of the best waves in Central America and going down one of the many courses of tropical waters. The rivers flow powerfully down the sides of mountains, and along their banks you will be witness to a dense tapestry of rainforest. The rivers and lakes offer a beautiful place to throw in a fishing line; the fish here are world class.

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